Getting started

Welcome to the Women in Fisheries project, we’re happy you’ve found us!

We're very excited to begin the research project on women in small-scale fishing families, and hope to provide everyone involved in commercial fishing, researchers and policy makers with useful resources and insights into this project and the wider subject of women in fisheries.

So where are we at now? 

Whilst actually listening to the stories of participants is what excites us the most, before we can start speaking to women in fishing families there are a few preparations we have to make.

One of them is securing ethical approval to recruit participants for the research. Fortunately ethics approval was secured from the University of Exeter Medical School in June 2018 so we are able to go ahead with planned activities in the UK.

As we will speak to women in fishing families also in Newfoundland in Canada we need to secure additional ethics permission through the Memorial University of Newfoundland, which we are waiting to hear from.

What will we be doing in the coming few months? 

The first part of the study is taking place in Newfoundland, Canada where I will be spending 4 months with Dr Nicole Power in collaboration with the ‘On the Move Partnership’.

There we will be collecting data, but also taking part in everyday research life at the Memorial University.

Why do we have this News section? 

We are looking forward to sharing updates with you as the project progresses. This section of the website is intended to provide an insight into the research process but will also be a space for collaborators and women in fishing families to share their views and discuss relevant topics.

If you would like to contribute to the news and discussion page, we would love to hear from you. Please email me, Madeleine, on or contact the project via the Take Part page.

M Gustavsson