UK women in fisheries meeting

Invitation to take part

Date: October 17th 2019

Time: 10 am – 3pm

Place: Exeter (exact location tbc)

We want to bring women in fisheries together and this meeting will allow people from different parts of the industry to meet, discuss shared experiences, and plan ways forward.

Women have strong ties to the fishing industry in the UK, yet we know very little about the roles women play, the challenges they face, and how these can be overcome. Importantly, many women can also feel isolated or disconnected from others in the fishing trade.

What can be done to better support women in the fishing industry? How can women be encouraged to enter the industry in various capacities?

We want to start answering these questions and will explore the possibilities of establishing a network of women in fisheries.

If you're interested in taking part, please contact Madeleine Gustavsson on no later than September 12th.

Limited funds are available to cover travel costs and a final agenda will be confirmed shortly.

M Gustavsson